License Reinstatement

Reinstatement Information

* Obtain insurance in the form of an SR22

* Contact and DMV Service Center, except express offices, when the revocation period is over. See for a list of Service Centers.

* Pay a reinstatement fee.  Search “driver license fees” on the DMV website at

* Provide proof of identity with document legal resident status, or conditional resident status.

Note: for a complete list of acceptable documents, visit the DMV website and search “proof of citizenship”.

* If you are applying for your first Wisconsin license, a certificate is required.

* Pass required tests.  An additional testing fee may be required.

If your operating privilege is under revocation or suspension in any other state, you may be required to satisfy the other state’s reinstatement requirements before Wisconsin will issue a license.  You may be able to use the DMV online system to confirm your eligibility and reinstate your driving privilege. Visit the “online services” at for your information.