First-Time OWI Offender

Have you just been arrested for OWI in Milwaukee, WI? Are you a first-time offender? An OWI charge in Wisconsin is a very serious accusation with damaging possible consequences. However if you are a first-time offender there are many options you should take advantage of that are not usually available for someone with a record. There is hope for your case and if you seek professional legal assistance soon after your arrest, the odds of a desirable outcome are in your favor.

Consequences of OWI in Milwaukee, WI

If convicted of OWI in Milwaukee you will likely face fines, loss of driving privileges and mandatory alcohol assessments. These consequences can be very costly and negatively affect your career or future. In Wisconsin, it does not take much alcohol to put you over the legal limit. For drivers 21 and over, BAC must under .08% to lawfully operate a vehicle. If you are a commercial driver or under 21-years-old BAC limits for drivers are even lower, .04% and .02% respectively.

Have Your OWI Charges Reduced or Dropped

First time OWI offenders in Wisconsin have the possibility to clear their record or challenge test results when faced with charges. The OWI defense attorneys at the Law Offices of John T. Bayer have studied BAC testing devices and procedures, we know that no test is perfect and it is very possible that there was an error in your test. In order to be charged with OWI, State Prosecutors must be able to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If you have no previous OWI convictions or criminal charges on your record, we make sure that the Prosecution has to fight an uphill battle to prove your guilt.

If you are a first-time offender, the court may even reduce your charges from OWI to reckless driving. This is great for your driving record because it is less damaging than an OWI conviction. In order to have your charges reduced, or even dropped all together, you need to obtain the guidance of an OWI lawyer in Wisconsin who has a record of proven results in court and satisfied clients.

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