Client Testimonials

At the Law Offices of John Bayer, we are committed to excellence and are very proud of the results we achieve for our clients. Below are some of the comments clients have made:

Milwaukee County Case – OWI 2nd Offense with Refusal

“I was charged with an OWI 2nd offense and Refusal. I called John Bayer and discussed my stressful situation. From the get go John dug into the details of the case and immediately saw areas that could be challenged. John took the time to drive to the scene and he spent the time required to thoroughly investigate every possible angle in my case. John ended up getting my OWI and Refusal dismissed. Ultimately he saved my privilege to drive, my job, and my freedom. I highly recommend John Bayer! He literally saved my life!” – Tyler ____ (last name withheld).


Milwaukee County Case – OWI 1st Offense

“When I got an OWI I call so many Attorneys looking for the right person to help me. John stood out because of how passionate he is about what he does. The amount of time he spent on the phone alone before I hired him really made me feel like he was my best shot. There was no luck involved in my case. John worked every angle from why I was pulled over to even putting the cops on the stand and picking apart their side of the story. Also let me tell you John's closing statement was like something out of a movie, he tore apart every angle the state was trying to throw at me. In the end we won due to the reason the cop pulled me over "deviation from designated lane". This in my opinion is a free for all for cops to pull you over whenever they want. I really hope whoever reads this doesn't just except what the state is trying to do to you and lets John defend them. I did and I will be forever grateful.” – Tom____ (last name withheld).


Milwaukee County Case – OWI 2nd Offense

“With this being my first experience ever with a lawyer and a case so serious there would be no question that I would go back to John for anything regarding this field. From my point of view he nailed it. So if you’re looking for someone to help you with your owi/dui he would be the guy I would go to. He really did his homework and found the areas where they made mistakes. So I would recommend John T. Bayer to anyone and everyone that has or is having the problem that I had.”

– Andrew ______ (last name withheld)


City of Mequon - OWI 1st Offense

“My legal experience could have been much more stressful, but thanks to John Bayer I was confident that my case would be a winning case - and it was. John Bayer is an attentive, responsive, and intelligent attorney with a strong drive to take on difficult cases and win them. I would recommend him to absolutely anyone in need of legal advice or services. He will be a strong legal as well as emotional counsel and will make you feel comfortable.” _______ (clients name withheld).


Milwaukee County Case – OWI 2nd Offense

“John Bayer enlightened me to my options for a proper defense, all the avenues that could be taken and was very straight-forward in his pricing. I was very pleased with how quickly John got to work, his ability to keep me informed with all details pertaining to my case and offered sound advice as to which direction we could take it. He fought the case hard and was persistent in presenting my case in the best fashion possible. Although I did not win, John exhausted every possible option and left little to nothing to chance. I would highly recommend John Bayer for anyone who needs a proper, diligent, and professional defense attorney.” – Maxwell ________ (last name withheld)


Green Lake County Case - OWI 4th Offense Felony

“John Bayer is very knowledgeable with the current OWI laws in the state of Wisconsin and very eager to assist even when things look grim. He was very calm, cool and collective from the beginning when I needed him most. He kept me informed through every step of the legal process and made sure that I understood everything that was about to accrue my case.

I was facing my 4th OWI with a PAC under .08. I thought I was going to face some serious jail time, but with John's help, he found an error in one of my priors. Without John's expertise, I would have been facing 60 days in jail. Instead, they had to drop the prior OWI and dismissed my case.” – George _________ (last name withheld).  

Brown County Case – OWI 1st Offense

“I was charged with a first offense OWI with a prior clean record. A friend of mine referred Atty. Bayer to me, and so I brought my case to him. Atty. Bayer had taken my case to a jury trial, where the arresting officer had said I failed my field sobriety tests along with the blood test. Atty. Bayer then explained my side of the story to the jury. At the end of the day, the jury found me Not Guilty, and so I still have a clean record intact, to go with my driving privileges that I never lost, either. This is all in thanks to Atty. Bayer, with his knowledge and his hard work.” – Mathew________ (last name withheld).


Village of Waunakee Case- OWI 1st Offense

“When I got a DUI, I contacted many lawyers and John was the only one who was willing to talk to me for more than 5 minutes! Every time I talked to John he always made me feel better about the situation! He was very informative & passionate about the law. When I got my DUI I blew almost twice the legal limit. Due to John's hard work on my case, my DUI got dropped! I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer! Anyone that ends up in my situation should definitely hire John because he fights hard for you & is a very relatable person! Thank you John!!” – Cally _______ (last name withheld).


Door County Case – OWI 2nd Offense

“I was recommended by a friend of mine after I received a DUI (2nd) in early 2012. I was very pleased with John's professionalism, and energy he put into my defense. I talked to him a few times and each time he told me what was going on as far as concerns, or things he found to help my case. I was most impressed most I suppose that he traveled up to Door County from Milwaukee multiple times. If you want someone who will fight for you, I would have to recommend him.” – Chad _____ (last name withheld).


Waukesha County Case – OWI 2nd Offense

“I am happy that I hired John Bayer. I was facing a Second Offense Criminal OWI charge, and he won my case in a half-hour long Stop Motion by persuading the judge that the cop didn’t have the proper reason to pull me over. His passion, and commitment made all the difference in my freedom. I highly recommend him!” – Nicholas ______ (last name withheld).